VIP Protection Services

VIP Protection Services

EBS has an established reputation in personal protection services and event security. We serve a varied client base, from large events at Madison Square Garden to discreet individual protection of celebrities.

Our people are trained (and retrained) in the techniques used by the U.S. Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies. We follow strict protocols to assess the security needs for every assignment, from securing a Union Meeting to escorting a foreign dignitary. We perform an on-site advance security assessment, detail the requisite security needs, collect pertinent intelligence information, and liaison with appropriate resources, e.g., local law enforcement, hotel security, facilities management, etc.

Our VIP Protection practice includes the following:

Executive Protection
Executive Protection has taken on new dimensions in an era of company downsizing, violence in the workplace, and terrorism. From threat analysis to incident management, we have the training, expertise and personnel to protect executives and their families. We secure the workplace and residence, arrange for secure travel, and provide discreet personal protection.

Celebrity Protection
EBS has provided a full range of celebrity protection, from protecting against stalkers and over zealous fans, to discreetly escorting a client to their public or private destinations. From protecting members of the NY KNICKS, to guarding members of a royal family during their outings in the Big Apple, we are experienced in the full range of celebrity protection, and provide the level of personalize services that a celebrity would expect.

Event Security & Crowd Control
EBS has provided security and personal protection at a variety of events. For example, EBS provided security to supplement the Secret Service operation at Madison Square Garden during the Democratic National Convention and provided personal protection to New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani. From securing the site for a Union meeting to controlling enthusiastic fans at a celebrity event, EBS takes the same disciplined approach: we perform advance on-site security evaluations, establish protocols detailing security needs, contact and liaison with area law enforcement agencies and event staff, and marshal the requisite number of trained security personnel who are experienced in large crowd control. Our expertise and attention to detail has earned us an excellent reputation in the field of event security.