Surveillance Services

Surveillance Services

EBS specializes in surveillance investigations: video surveillance, covert mobile and foot surveillances, covert camera installations, and mobile tracking. We also provide clients with counter surveillance services such as electronic sweeps.

Trained and experienced in the art of surveillance, our investigators have earned EBS the reputation of producing high-quality results in a cost-effective manner.

We strive for the proper identification of the subject, early determination of the subject's pattern of behavior, and the deployment of surveillance man hours that will produce the best results.

The EBS arsenal of state-of-the-art surveillance equipment includes Mobile-Trac™. This Global Positioning System accurately tracks travel activities--providing proof of exact date, time, speed and location pinpointed to the street address. We have deployed Mobile-Trac™ to assist our trucking company clients with loss prevention, delivery route verification and the monitoring of overtime.

We have the tool to support any surveillance need, including pinhole microvideo, wireless video, infrared video, time-lapse video recorders, and surveillance blackout vans and vehicles.