Security Consulting Services

Security Consulting & Risk Assessment

Since the extraordinary events of September 11th, we have worked with our clients and their building management to institute or increase security plan measures. As a nation we have been charged with "the responsibility of prevention." We have advised our clients to take a measured, but immediate, response. Depending on client circumstances, we have recommended increased security measures to be overt–to serve as a deterrent and provide assurance to company personnel.

After conducting an on-site survey of our clients' offices and the buildings in which they are located, EBS has designed Physical Security Plans to provide for the protection of personnel, property and facilities. Central to the success of the Physical Security Plan is controlling access and the monitoring of all deliveries, and establishing procedures to recognize and then deal with the threat.

Recent anthrax incidents have only added to the importance of clearly defined procedures dealing with all deliveries–mail or otherwise. We have been providing our clients with training to recognize the suspicious package, phone call, written threat or email message, and to effectively deal with an actual incident.

EBS has designed Incident Plans for our clients to address bomb threats, bio-terrorism, or chemical threats. In planning a response to an actual incident, we work with our clients to establish a chain of command or line of authority to reduce risk, instill confidence and avoid panic. Appropriate members of management are designated to execute the Incident Plan and the companion Evacuation and Disaster Recovery Plans. Individual circumstances drive the procedures EBS designs to evacuate and account for personnel, protect company assets and proprietary information, and contact the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

It is time to adjust our way of doing things, not change the things we do.

EBS has long provided specialized Security Consulting to corporations, organizers of special events, and law enforcement agencies. Fully experienced with both overt and covert security assessments, EBS has performed security assessments/audits in both corrective and preemptive assignments. Serving a broad range of clients, EBS has provided cost-effective solutions for a variety of security needs, including reducing internal theft, protecting proprietary information and protecting company personnel.

EBS is experienced in assessing client security needs, pinpointing lapses in established security procedures, designing and implementing effective security measures, and performing follow-up testing and security audits.

The EBS site survey evaluates security measures already in place, identifies vulnerabilities and provides cost-effective and discrete solutions for:

Premise Security
Physical Security Plans provide for the protection of property, personnel and facilities against unauthorized entry, trespass, damage, sabotage or other criminal acts. A key aspect of the Physical Security Plan involves the monitoring of all mail deliveries and the establishment of procedures to recognize and deal with suspicious mail or packages.

Personnel Security
Averting uncomfortable or potentially threatening encounters; dealing with workplace violence or harassment.

Executive Protection
Limiting access to and ensuring the security of key decision makers.

Data Security
Securing proprietary information, both in computer and physical files.

The focus of our Security Consulting and Risk Assessment practice is minimizing our clients' liability. In designing the security plan that meets our client's individual needs, we strive to limit the threat of exposure for foreseeable risk.